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Welcome to the service link for FIEC students!

This space is dedicated to students of the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering (FIEC), where you will find various resources and tools that will be very useful in your academic life.
We understand the importance of having a practical guide when drafting formal requests, whether for administrative procedures, applying for scholarships, leave permits, among others.
Our selection of request templates will help you create effective and professional documents quickly and easily.
These requests should be addressed to the following email:

Presentation of documents to initiate the degree processing procedure.


  1. Active enrollment status.
  2. Approval of the Integrative Course.
  4. No outstanding debts, whether of VALUE or NON-VALUE, with the Institution.
  5. Completion of pre-professional internships and community service practices, duly registered in the system.

The course cancellation process is an option available to students provided that the event or cause is declared as unforeseeable, irresistible, and not attributable to the student's negligence.
It is important to note that the cancellation process is only applicable in cases of fortuitous events or force majeure, documented to demonstrate an inability to continue studies in all courses, and is not selective.


     1. Relevance/causes

  • Inaccessibility to technological resources or connectivity (virtual period).
  • Health/psychological problems.
  • Fortuitous or force majeure situations.
  • Domestic calamity.
  • Economic vulnerability situation.

     2. Options to initiate a process

  1. Course cancellation - The impact prevents meeting performance standards in all registered courses.
  2. Cancellation of specific course - The impact prevents achieving proper academic performance in the particular course.

     3. Deadline for submitting the application

The student may submit a request to withdraw from courses, up to one year after the alleged incident, provided they have NOT ENROLLED in any course at ESPOL during that period. If the withdrawal is from one or more subjects registered during the extraordinary enrollment period, the fee paid will not be refunded.

     4. Request form

You can find the course cancellation request form on the FIEC page: CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM.

     5. Documents to be submitted to initiate the procedure


Description (reference)

Documents to submit (reference)

Inaccessibility to technological resources or connectivity

Issues with:

  • Internet (connectivity or signal reduction)
  • Electronic devices (computers, tablets, etc.)

Company report due to signal issues.

Technical report on the damage to the electronic device.

Health issues
Temporary or permanent disability

That the disability occurs during the academic term.

Temporary or permanent impairments in their physical, mental, or sensory faculties.

Medical certificates, medical history, treatments corresponding to the academic period.

Fortuitous events or force majeure

  • Natural disaster, strikes, or labor stoppages.
  • That the event is publicly noticeable.
  • An accident that occurs afterward.
  • Eviction from housing.
  • Job loss.

Evidence documents demonstrating the impact, issued by a public/private assistance institution.

Domestic calamity

Death, accident, or catastrophic illness of relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Death certificate.

Copy of the ID card of the relative and student.

Economically vulnerable or limited situation

Scarcity of economic resources (water, electricity, etc.).

Loss of household breadwinner's job.

Notifications of cuts (water, electricity).

Loan action and its repayments.


     6. Who approves the procedure?

The approval of this request will be resolved by the Faculty Board, in accordance with Article 28 of the Degree Regulations.