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Research on Dynamic Path Planning of Mobile Robot Based on Improved DDPG Algorithm


Aiming at the problems of low success rate and slow learning speed of the DDPG algorithm in path planning of a mobile robot in a dynamic environment, an improved DDPG algorithm is designed. In this article, the RAdam algorithm is used to replace the neural network optimizer in DDPG, combined with the curiosity algorithm to improve the success rate and convergence speed. Based on the improved algorithm, priority experience replay is added, and transfer learning is introduced to improve the training effect. Through the ROS robot operating system and Gazebo simulation software, a dynamic simulation environment is established, and the improved DDPG algorithm and DDPG algorithm are compared. For the dynamic path planning task of the mobile robot, the simulation results show that the convergence speed of the improved DDPG algorithm is increased by 21%, and the success rate is increased to 90% compared with the original DDPG algorithm. It has a good effect on dynamic path planning for mobile robots with continuous action space.