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Closed-loop control of multi-drug infusion for anesthesia and hemodynamic management


This paper proposes the first MIMO closed-loop control of both anesthesia and hemodynamic system. The designed control strategies have been validated on a novel patient simulator. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the feasibility MIMO closed-loop control of anesthesia and hemodynamic variables taking into account the interaction (synergic and antagonistic) between subsystems. MPC control algorithm have been implemented and the results obtained reveal the feasibility of the patient simulator. The proposed methodology takes into account patient variability, is robust to subsystems interaction and meets the clinical objectives. The control algorithms are combined with the action of the anesthesiologist. Moreover, a disturbance signal to mimic surgical excitation has been introduced in the control architecture. The results given in this paper show the antagonistic effect in closed loop of the intervention from the anesthesiologist when additional bolus intake is present.