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Admission Process

The process of admissions to ESPOL – according to the National System of Admission and Leveling of the SENESCYT – is made up of the following stages:

  1. Registration to the National System of Leveling and Admissions (SNNA, Spanish acronym)
  2. Application to the Ser Bachiller Exam. The exam is graded over 1000 points. The minimum is 550 points.
  3. Applying for a degree program. Students who pass the Ser Bachiller exam may apply up to five (5) degree programs.
  4. ESPOL Admission Test. Applicants that pass this test are allowed to go straight to their first academic term of the chosen program. Otherwise, they should go the preparation course stage.
  5. Preparation course (before admission). During this stage, the applicants will receive classes in basic sciences related to the area of study of the chosen program. This stage must be passed to enroll in their first academic term.