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Admissions Process

Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, ESPOL, is a public university that follows the admission process established by the Ecuadorian Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT, acronym in Spanish). The grading process to be admitted into a public university of the Ecuadorian Higher Education system comprises two elements:

  1. Score of the university’s admission test (50%).
  2. Score of the “Ser Bachiller” high school final test – (SENESCYT standardized and regulated test: 50%).


The ESPOL Admission test has two components:

  1. A behavioral test with four parts (logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, language, and abstract reasoning).
  2. Evaluation of specific fields of study. The engineering, computer sciences, and applied sciences (STEM) fields include three courses: mathematics (pre-calculus), physics and chemistry.

The “Ser Bachiller” high school final test evaluates: critical reading, mathematics, literature, science, social and abstract reasoning.


Registration to ESPOL Admission Test

Registration is open for senior high school students that took the “Ser Bachiller” high school final test. ESPOL informs SENESCYT about the maximum number of available spaces per program based on its capacity. Hence, considering the weighted score, SENESCYT assigns prospective students to each program. Then, students get admitted directly to the program if they obtain 6 out of 10 points on each course (mathematics, physics and chemistry). Otherwise, the students have to take and pass preparation courses for the failed subjects (scores below 6 out of 10 points). Additionally, applicants must take a Spanish oral and written communication course.

Annually, ESPOL offers a regular preparation process (17 weeks) and 2 intensive preparation processes (10 weeks). Applicants with grades below 4 out of 10 points are assigned to the regular preparation course. On the other hand, applicants with grades ranging between 4 and 6 out of 10 points are assigned to the intensive preparation course.

Applicants with International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma are exempted of Mathematics, Physics and/or Chemistry in the admission process if they reached a minimum of 5 points out


of 7 on their IB Diploma for each subject, at the standard level. For the IB Diploma high level subjects, the minimum grade for exemption is 4 out of 7 points.