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Historical Background

When academic life started at ESPOL in May of 1958, this school had only two programs: Naval Engineering and Engineering for Mining and Oil Drilling. However, due to the dynamic development of the country, demanded the implementation of new programs. That is why, as part of this plan of development and expansion, in 1961 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering announced the opening of its program in Electrical Engineering, with Power Systems being its first option for specialization.

In the year 1969, department divisions were created, which later would become specializations, within the Electrical Engineering program, so that beginning this year, there would be two options for specialization: Power Systems and Electronics. Within the next few years, the Electronics student would be allowed to orient his career toward the area of Telecommunications or Industrial Electronics. As a product of this tendency to have highly specialized engineers, in September of 1995 la specialization Electronics and Industrial Automation came to be.   The last Engineering career to be implemented was Telematics.