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Electronics and Automation Engineering


Electronics and Automation Engineering

Program description

This program was created because the industries require professionals with extensive knowledge of electronics applied to industry and Automation and Process Control.

10 semesters and graduation process.



The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FIEC) objective through his career Electrical Engineering is to provide the professional society highly trained to:

  • Be responsible for the transmission, distribution and efficient use of electricity, the same as in a high percentage is the engine of development of modern society maintenance.
  • Participate industrial development of the country through implementation, technical support,  or installation of equipment and electrical / electronic services for the industry.

To meet this objective, the FIEC is challenged to offer an academic program of solid bases, demanding, but at the same time large and very dynamic. Therefore, despite offered a unique title, the student may choose to direct their careers by giving emphasis to a specific area following one of the two specializations. Power or Industrial

Furthermore, the FIEC is committed to maintaining a curriculum designed to prepare graduates of excellence that have needed to concentrate their studies in a specific professional area bases; provide an education that will enable the graduate easily accommodate future changes in technology; develop in students a sense of professionalism; and develop skills and values such as leadership, team work, and ethical behavior.



To support the education system. - Learning, we have a set of laboratories where students can access the internet. One of them is the laboratory of Introduction to Industrial Robotics where we use RoboDK software for simulation and offline programming of industrial robots, as well as other simulation tools.


Coordinator of Engineering specialization Electronics and Industrial Automation:

MSc. David Vaca





Teléfono: 2269-824

Admitted Students in Electronics and Automation Engineering:

Graduated Students in Electronics and Automation Engineering: