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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vission of FIEC

Produce quality graduates in their fields of competence, that possess strong ethical values, and life-long learning and entrepreneurship skills, in the context of a knowledge-based society and the integral development of Ecuador.

To become a leader, in Latin America, in formative actions of advanced human talent and the generation and transfer of knowledge in the field of its competence.


Mission and Vission of ESPOL

Mission Statement

We cooperate with society to improve its quality of life and to promote sustainable and equitable development, through integral and competent education, research and innovation.


Vission Statement

To be a consolidated academic community of creative and innovative leaders who opportunely respond to the needs of society fulfilling high international standards.


Core Values

We are ethical in our actions and accountable for all that we do.
We come together as a solidary community committed in solving the problems of the world.
We demonstrate a genuine sensibility to the needs of our stakeholders and work together to fulfill them.
We do more than what is expected of us, with passion and enthusiasm.
We are open to the world, to new experiences, and we welcome valuable people of diverse opinions and perspectives.
We generate value by looking for newer and better solutions to problems and by taking advantage of opportunities.