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Faculty Council

It is composed of the Dean, Associate Dean, 3 professors and one worker representative.


Katherine Chiluiza, Ph.D.


Associate Dean

Juan Carlos Avilés, Ph.D.


Professor and Council Member



Carlos Monsalve, Ph.D.

Juan Carlos Avilés, Ph.D.

Dennys Cortez, MSc.

Edgar Izquierdo, Ph.D. 

Douglas Plaza, Ph.D.

Germán Vargas, Ph.D.

Carlos Valdivieso, MSc.

Washington Medina, Mg.


Worker Representatives



SESI. Rebeca Arreaga

    Sr.Isaac Menéndez


It is presided over by the Dean, and among its functions are:

  • Propose to the Faculty Board the Plans and Curriculums.
  • Recommend Research Projects.
  • Monitor compliance with the academic and research programs.
  • Develop the Academic Planning.
  • Approve topics, thesis, and other graduation processes as stipulated by ESPOL.