Centers and Laboratories



Center for Industrial Digital Transformation

The CTD delivers basic technologies aimed at industrial strengthening through the exploitation of information and scientific knowledge. The solutions depend on the demand and the work team. It has experts in electrical engineering and computer science. They propose and lead initiatives with the external sector.

Location: 11C-LAB111 
Principal researcher: Daniel Ochoa, Ph. D. 
Phone: 593 99 286 0451 


Medical Electronics Laboratory

Teaching and research in the field of medical electronics fundamentals, taking into account tremendous technological advances in recent decades.

Location: 11C-LAB101 
Principal researcher: M.Sc. Miguel Yapur 
Phone: +593 99 975 9141


Advanced Digital Systems

The laboratory is equipped with the highest technology. Explore and experiment with the fundamentals of digital electronics, designing and building complex circuits. With the use of hardware and simulation tools, practical skills in the design, analysis, and debugging of advanced digital systems are developed.

Location: 11A-LAB-208 
Principal researcher: Ing. José Miguel Larrea 
Phone: Extensión: 1877


Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory 

The laboratory is designed to train in the field of measurement and control of industrial processes. It has state-of-the-art technology, helps to acquire practical skills with instruments and sensors, calibration, data acquisition and programming. It encourages research and solves real problems in the industry.

Location: 11C-LAB008 
Principal researcher:  Patricia Pasmay, M. Sc. 
Phone: Extensión: 1962


Laboratory Name: Grupo de Investigación en Redes e Infraestructura Tecnológica - Ing. Pedro Carló

It has been researching for 10 years. Today he investigates telematics and artificial intelligence (AI) systems for physical infrastructure with a focus on sustainability. Current projects are: analysis of satellite data for smart renewable energy, predictions and recommendations for energy efficiency. He leads the Smart X initiative that promotes the use of AI through tutorials, demos and review articles.

Location: 11C-LAB001 
Name of person in charge: Christopher Vaccaro, M. Sc. (Administrador y custodio del laboratorio) 
Phone: Extensión: 1954 

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